Our Chair counts for specific activities, with the invaluable help of collaborators and volunteers who participate in different ways.

If you are interested in volunteering in this Chair, we will be happy to have you. In return we will insert your name and contact on our website to let you know about yourself and your activities in our network.

Our volunteers and collaborators:

  • Juan Cortina:  juancor6@alumni.uv.es
  • Victor Montolío:  vicmonf1@upv.es
  • Cristina Rueda: cristinarueda.orenes@hotmail.com
  • Juan Monzon.
  • Alba Mas: alba_449@hotmail.es
  • Aitana Martínez Alcolado: aimaral1@bbaa.upv.es
  • Noelia Vicente Gil: noevigi@bbaa.upv.es